Confidential Counseling

The Psychologists will provide confidential counseling services to address the physicians specific needs.

  • Complimentary counseling in a private, comfortable, serene, setting that is 100% confidential
  • Up to 3 sessions offered per year
  • Appointment confirmation within 24 hours; including after office hours
  • Security that no insurance is billed, no electronic records are created, and no information is disclosed to others without the physician’s written consent

Integrative Health Coaching

The Integrative Health & Wellness Coaches will work together with the physicians to implement basic, gradual modifications based on the physician’s unique needs towards a sustainable health and wellness transformation. These modifications will improve the physician’s diet and include positive lifestyle changes towards a more fulfilling career, supportive relationships, daily enjoyable exercise, and a nourishing self-care practice. The goal is to prevent physician burnout by incorporating realistic, small changes that will lead to life-long healthy habits and improve work-life balance. There are several programs to choose from. Please call the VCMS office to choose the program that will best suit your schedule.

Relaxation and Spa Treatment – Zen Newburgh Spa

  • Receive a complimentary 30-minute massage including an initial consultation with Sharon Hataway, Owner, and Therapist at Zen Newburgh Spa.
  • Opportunity available to choose from a six month or 12-month program of monthly massages at a discounted rate. Contact Sharon

Financial Wellness – Lifetime Financial Growth

Lifetime Financial Growth will offer a variety of strategies and products along with educational workshops to help you maximize your financial potential. Services provided:  Financial Education Workshops Asset Allocation & Management Retirement Planning & Protection Individual Disability Income Protection with Specialty Own Occupation.

Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call our Private Wellness 360° Line at (812) 475-9001

The VCMS Wellness 360° program will not turn any physicians away. If you are a non-member seeking help, there is a fee schedule. Please contact the private Wellness 360° phone line for more information.