Confidential Counseling

The Psychologists/Social Workers will provide confidential counseling services to address the physicians specific needs.
  • Complimentary counseling in a private, comfortable, serene, setting that is 100% confidential
  • Up to 6 sessions offered per year
  • Appointment confirmation within 24 hours; including after office hours
  • Security that no insurance is billed, no electronic records are created, and no information is disclosed to others without the physician’s written consent

Integrative Health Coaching

The Integrative Health & Wellness Coaches will work together with the physicians to implement basic, gradual modifications based on the physician’s unique needs towards a sustainable health and wellness transformation. These modifications will improve the physician’s diet and include positive lifestyle changes towards a more fulfilling career, supportive relationships, daily enjoyable exercise, and a nourishing self-care practice. The goal is to prevent physician burnout by incorporating realistic, small changes that will lead to life-long healthy habits and improve work-life balance. There are several programs to choose from. Please call the VCMS office to choose the program that will best suit your schedule.

Relaxation and Spa Treatment – Zen Newburgh Spa

  • Receive a complimentary 30-minute massage including an initial consultation with Sharon Hataway, Owner, and Therapist at Zen Newburgh Spa.
  • Opportunity available to choose from a six month or 12-month program of monthly massages at a discounted rate. Contact Sharon

Physician Renewal Network (PRN) Support Group

PRN is a support group for doctors who have previously, currently, and or will potentially face burn out. This support group can be used as needed. This will be a physician-led informal, judgment-free, confidential gathering for anyone who has questions about burnout, those who are looking for support, information, resources, or those who may just want to come to complain and commiserate. All are welcome. We will meet on the first Wednesday of every month at the VCMS office (3116 E Morgan Ave # F) from 6 pm to 7 pm.

Financial Wellness – Lifetime Financial Growth

Lifetime Financial Growth will offer a variety of strategies and products along with educational workshops to help you maximize your financial potential. Services provided:  Financial Education Workshops Asset Allocation & Management Retirement Planning & Protection Individual Disability Income Protection with Specialty Own Occupation.

Physician Burnout Coaching – Additional services available to members at a 15% discounted rate

For more information, please visit

The physician burnout coach is both a physician (not local) and an experienced executive coach. The coach will be your success partner who keeps you focused on your vision, support you, and create a plan of action together with you to reduce burnout. This service will be provided to VCMS members at a discount.

  • 1-hour calls with the Physician Burnout Coach via phone or skype
  • A step-by-step action plan to lower your stress and create a more balanced life
  • Detailed information on physician burnout including the causes, effects, pathophysiology, and consequences
  • Support to achieve your goals and improve your personal and professional development
  • 24-hour emergency phone line

Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call our Private Wellness 360° Line at (812) 475-9001

The VCMS Wellness 360° program will not turn any physicians away. If you are a non-member seeking help, there is a fee schedule. Please contact the private Wellness 360° phone line for more information.