80-20 Principle by Dr. Chacko

“80 percent of the work is done by 20 percent of the people.” When I first heard this statement, I thought that it could not be real. How could that be possible? How it is that most of the work is shouldered by only a few. Is this fair? Despite what I wanted to believe, […]

We are here for you

During my 2nd year of medical school, I had a conversation with one of my colleagues that I still think about today. In fact, he was my roommate for a couple of years. It was one night late in our Spring semester, as we are preparing for a set of exams that I walked into […]

New laws include mandates for physicians

New laws include mandates for physicians   Several laws passed in the 2017 legislative session will create new requirements for physicians when they take effect July 1.  The ISMA Government Relations team worked hard during the session to ensure that physicians are still the primary medical decision-makers. The new laws outlined below create a couple […]

From the Desk of the Vanderburgh County Health Officer

From the Desk of the Vanderburgh County Health Officer: I had a wonderful time at the Vanderburgh County Medical Society’s Winter Mixer in January and would like to thank Mike Head of First Federal Savings Bank and the Vanderburgh County Medical Society for hosting a great event.  Meaningful discussions were had by physicians from a […]