Fellowship: By Chris Patterson

When you hear the word fellowship what comes to mind?Some might think of something collegiate while others may think of words you would hear at church. The dictionary defines fellowship as a friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests. Synonyms are listed as companionship, companionability, sociability, comradeship, camaraderie friendship, mutual support. I believe fellowship is essential for us as human beings. Most people strive to interact with others and desire the feeling of belonging to a group even if it is a small one.

The Vanderburgh County Medical Society, as you know is going through many changes this year and is striving to provide fellowship to the Medical Community. It seems like something has been lost over the years. Whether it is a dependence on social media or the mere fact that we feel like we are just too busy to connect with others, the essence of fellowship in the medical community has been amiss.

Studies prove that it is beneficial to join a community. It provide support to the members who are impacted by the same daily stressors, struggles, and chaos of the world in which we live. People who share the same line of work can easily identify with each other, and in turn, will form bonds that help strengthen them improve their outlook on life. It would seem that being around like-minded people does a person good!

In January, we hosted our first Social Mixer of the year. I am happy to say we had 50 smiling faces in attendance.The one thing I heard consistently throughout the evening was how thankful the guests were to have the opportunity to see friends and mingle. There were no hidden agendas or lengthy presentations – just a fun filled evening to socialize. Special thanks to First Federal Savings Bank for hosting the event. We enjoyed the delicious array of food and spirits. It was wonderful to see physicians of all ages and specialties laugh and connect.

Our hope is to have one social mixer a quarter, so please check your inbox for invitations. May 8th will be our annaul golf scramble at Victoria National Golf Club. The scramble will benefit a scholarship for an IUMS-E Student. Our Annual Meeting will be June 1st at the Evansville Country Club. More details to come. Wellness 360° will be rolling out soon and CME opportunities will be announced. Just For The Health Of It will be July 22nd at the Evansville Museum and keep an eye out for information regarding a fall family event. It will be a busy year full of opportunities for camaraderie and fellowship.

My challenge to you this year is to get involved in the Vanderburgh County Medical Society.We promise we will not make you join a board or committee (unless you just want to!). Come fight for a cause. Come and see friends. Volunteer at an event. Find out what you have been missing. I promise you will be a better person for it, and you might even have a great time!

“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.”

-C.S. Lewis